Đề 419- Học viết thư phản hồi

Giới thiệu : Ở hình thức viết thư này bạn cần viết một bức thư phản hồi tới địa chỉ email mà bạn sẽ đọc. Nội dung bức thư bạn cần viết sẽ được gợi ý trong phần hướng dẫn.

Note: You need to write a response to an e-mail that you will read. What your response needs to include is in the directions so make sure you also read the directions carefully.

Dear Ms Margaret,

I have decided to write this letter to inform you of a few personal ideas that I have about our college cafeteria. As a regular customer, I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to the people behind this cafe and I also believe some improvements would make it even more attractive. I am hoping that you would publish my ideas in your college magazine.

I personally feel that our college cafeteria has a great environment and offers delicious and healthy food. I appreciate the hard work of all the chefs and management for their attempt to serve meals to the students who are sometimes fussy and hard to please. The management is in fact, doing an excellent job.

However, many students, including I, feel that the food served in the cafeteria is expensive. Our canteen charges $15-$20 for lunch and this is considerably higher. A few other college canteens in our city charges less than that.

It appears that students will soon make an inevitable choice to eat outside the campus due to the high price. As an individual who would love to continue eating fantastic food at our central eatery, I would like to suggest you publish an article about this issue. I hope this will help the canteen management become aware of how we think about their food price.

If you have any further questions about this, please let me know.
Yours sincerely,

Kay Lim

Direction: As if you are the college student manager, read the letter and give a suitable response.

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