Inspired by N.F.L., Art Imitating Sport

I drive the snake cart. I drive the bat mobile, the Cinderella carriage right on the street. Most police officers know me.
My name is Michael Levine. I’m an artist, historic preservation developer and entrepreneur. I love doing these pieces and I want to do all 32 teams and I’m probably crazy enough to do all 32 teams.
You know, it’s like I’m just sick and tired of seeing flat extruded shapes. Major League sports make things as simple as possible so they can be rebranded as easily as possible. So it can go to an embroiderer, it can go to a graphic and with the technology that’s out there it’s pretty static. I mean, it becomes just background noise.
So this is a proof of concept; a prototype; a first article; all of the above. Its final fighting weight will be 13 feet high, 102 inches wide, and it should be just over 2,000 lbs. The Cardinal is the first one that we modeled. We’ve also modeled the Seahawks and the Patriots. We were modeling the playoff teams this year.
We probably started cutting in mid-October and started laying it out in November…and got the skeleton together and the infrastructure together. So, I’m going to say ten weeks and…six days a week, 12 hours a day to get it to this point.
I started making art pieces for my daughter and my wife and then our three kids. And back in 2008, I had gone to Green Bay and went to the Giant, Green Bay game – best game I ever saw – and came back all testosteroned-up and I made a giant New York Giant logo, 14 feet high, took that out to Glendale, had a blue dodge pickup, made it look like the Super Bowl trophy was coming out of the back, got great fan reaction.
So I’m thinking, this being interactive as it moves around, cheerleaders can ride in it, on it, fans can ride on the sides… It’s like a mashup of tailgating, NASCAR, crash-up derby, Grease Lightning…the proof-of-concept is, like, literal proof-of-concept because I want to show the NFL and the local NFL guys, the local committee, what the possibilities are. Because again, any schmo can make it as a digital thing but making the real thing is…the real thing.

Source: nytimes



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