Dangers of long term stress

In this morning’s health watch, stress…seems to be everywhere these days. At work, in your relationships, certainly crops up during tax season and stress can be a serious health hazard.

A recent study found that it’s a factor in 75% of all illnesses and diseases and here with some ways to ease the tension is James Porter, president of Great to have you with us, good morning.

It’s really great to be here. I mean that statistic alone is pretty staggering. I mean, 75% of illness and disease can be traced back to stress but it’s not, it’s not a one time stress, it’s a constant stress that gets traced back. Chronic stress, yes.

It’s amazing how de-stressed he is, right? He is a very calming presence there. I try to put on a good show. What do we look out for?

Well, when you talk about common science and symptoms of stress, there’s over 50 kinds of symptoms of stress and includes muscle tension, headaches, low back pain, trouble sleeping, elevated blood pressure, toe tapping is a symptom of stress.

So there’s a lot of things to look out for and what you really want to look out for is that you don’t let these things go unabated because if you do, if you don’t address your stress, learn something about stress management, these could turn out developing too much worse things like insomnia, tension headaches, digestive problems, and low mood.

What’s your secret to keeping such an even keel, stress free life? Good question, I am a firm believer in vigorous exercise. You know the whole exercise recommendation now by the government is thirty minutes a day of walking but I really think vigorous exercise, get your heart pumping because that’s going to release endorphins. So that what I put.

Can you stress over stress sometimes about working out? Do you know what I mean? If you don’t get that workout in…I..have this before right, I mean..?

Well I’m a workout guy, I go to the YMCA in my hometown five to six days a week and everybody there who’s in that group and I see them everyday, We all say the same thing, we would never miss our workout because we’d just be too grumpy and cranky all day.

How about some stress busters? Well there’s uh..I know we got a few that we always talk about. Of course I like yoga personally because muscle tension is a huge source of stress. So when you’re doing yoga you’re flushing out muscle tension.  You’re Also, hot bath or massage but there’s a lot of stress busters and they include deep breathing and I think we got time to actually demonstrate deep breathing?

Uh, we probably don’t but you can do it as we talk… Ok Is it like, like that James? Well you just put your hand on your belly, take. Why don’t you.give it a try right now, put your hand on your belly, take a deep breath in… We’re going to do it as we go to break. James Porter thank you so much. We really appreciate it.



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