Britain’s Got Talent 2012 Semi Final –Ashleigh and Pudsey

Now then, Simon here, Simon Cowel, has been doing this judging job a long time. But it seems I could sum up his entire philosophy with four simple words. I love dancing dogs.

So for our next act, it’s Ashleigh and Pudsey. Do you think your dog and you could win an Oscar? Yes. One of the best dancing dogs I’ve ever seen. Getting through to the semi final just means everything to us. Well done, guys, well done.

I just love Pudsey to death, basically. I’ve had Pudsey right from day one. I got him for my eleventh birthday and he means the world to me. I go to school, I come home, do some homework, um, and then I spend it with Pudsey walking him, training him. I choose to actually stay behind with Pudsey instead of going to parties.

But yeah…I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ve been watching Britain’s Got Talent since I was eleven. A dog has never won but I think me and Pudsey could change that. He’s been training real hard, I’ve been training real hard and we’re just going to go out there and do our best. I think we’re ready for this.

And here they are: Ashleigh and Pudsey!

Ah! Fantastic, come here! Can I show you one thing? Standing ovation from the judges. And they were, and the audience. Well done! I think it’s best if we kick this off with our dog expert and lover: Simon. Can you sum up that right there? This is what I’ve been waiting for all my life.

So I take it you’re a fan? Honestly, part of my….I’ve had a lot of dogs in my life. Never one like this. And I’ve got to tell you, Ashleigh, it’s Ashleigh isn’t it? Ashleigh, you did a fantastic job as well. You weren’t just the a trainer.

You brought an awful lot of work into this. And oh God, I would love a dog like that. I really, really would. Can’t we breed him and I could have the puppy? But seriously, that is what this show is all about. I loved it! Love you.

Ashleigh, Pudsey, thank you for making my son so happy. He’s had a difficult few weeks and this has really cheered him up. I’m not wrong. No, I mean when I came today, because I came to watch rehearsals, the only person I really wanted to meet was Pudsey.

Because Pudsey is a superstar. The two of you together is like Orville and Dean or you know, Rogers and Astaire, it’s perfect. I think you can win and I want you to and I want people to pick up the phone and vote for you. That’s David. Now Alisha?

Yeah, like the guys have said, you are the luckiest girl in the world. I’m so jealous of you, I want Pudsey. The music, everything about it was just brilliant. And I didn’t think you top the audition but you did. You deserve to go through to the finals. That’s Alisha, now let’s hear from Amanda.

Just really quickly, I think the thing that works here is that Pudsey is just the cutest dog but you both have personality. Sometimes with these acts it’s just the dog but it’s both of you. You’re a brilliant double-act, a brilliant partnership.

Thank you judges. Ashleigh, you must be thrilled with those comments. A lot of hard work’s gone into this, hasn’t it? Yeah, yeah, I mean I have no social life at the moment. I spend all my time with Pudsey. But you know, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Another moment more, Pudsey, do you got anything to say? No I think he wants to eat it! OK. A man of few words. It seems all of that training has paid off, that was tremendous.