Britain’s Got Talent 2012– Ryan

I’m Ryan O’ Shaughnessy, I’m nineteen and I’m a song writer. So I’ve written a few songs. None that are good though. Like, I’ve only written a couple that are good. I’m sure you have some that are good. Yeah, well only a few.

I’d rather play something that means something to me. Because when you’re playing your own songs, like you put so much more into it. Your own lyrics, your own music. You know what I mean?

So is singing and song writing what you love to do? Forever? Yeah, I don’t think I could just sit in an office. Just like working away, nine to five. Wouldn’t be for me.

What kind of music do you do? Just songs about a girl. One of my best mates, I’ve been friends with for six years but I’m sort of mad about her. Bit nervous about Simon. Yes. Seeing what he’s going to say…it’s cause he’s so influential. Yeah and he knows so much. Yeah, exactly. I’m sure it will be fine. Do you want to come over with me?

Hi how are you? I’m good thank you, and how are you? Not too bad. Now tell me something about you. What’s your name? My name’s Ryan O Shaunghnessy, I’m nineteen, I’m from Dublin, I’m a song writer.

So Ryan, is this something you do full time? No, I’m actually in college at the moment. I’m studying, so it’s something I want to do full time. Ok. And we’re going to hear…what are your songs today? I’m going to play my own song yeah… What’s it called? It’s called “No Name”. And what’s the inspiration behind this song?

It’s about a friend of mine that I’ve like for a few years now. So it was like a love letter? Close to, yeah. And has she responded to this? Um, she hasn’t heard it yet. So… What’s her name? Uhh….

Her full name. We’re both intrigued now, so you might as well reveal. Her name is…no I can’t say. I can’t do it. I can’t do it, it won’t come it. Well, give me the first letter. You don’t have to! Don’t do it! No, I really can’t say it.

Alright Ryan, well best of luck and I hope this works. Thanks very much.

“Every now and then I see a part of you I’ve never seen. Birds can swim and fish can fly, the road is long, I wonder why. One of these days you’ll realize what you mean to me. Every now and then I see a part of you I’ve never seen.

I really like it! It’s good, isn’t it? “Well I try to talk but I can’t. My soul is turned to steel. This happens every now and then when I try to tell you just how I feel. So if you ever love somebody, you got to keep them close. When you lose grip of their body, you’ll be fallin’. Because I’m fallin’ deeper in love, in love, deeper in love, in love, deeper in love, in love.

Thank you very much indeed.. David? I can’t believe she won’t go out with you. That’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, sung incredibly well. It was absolutely astonishing. Well done. Thanks very much. Cheers.

Ryan that was really sweet and sincere, I just really enjoyed it. And I felt it. It was very lovely. Well done. Thank you very much. Have you played her that song? No. This is the first time she’s ever going to hear it? Yeah…

If that doesn’t work, nothing will. You’re sure you don’t want to give me the name? I’m sure. But she’s going to know when she watches this, I presume. Ah, yes, she definitely will. Aww that’s even more romantic. She’ll know.

I think you’ve got a brilliant sense of melody. I think your lyrics are superb and I love your voice. I think you’re great. Thank you very much. You’re very good. Ok, we’re going to vote. David, yes or no? Easiest decision I’ve ever had to make. Yes.

I’d love to hear you sing again, so yes for me. Ryan I think good things are going to happen off the back of this audition. You’re through to the next round. Good for you.

Well done man! Ahh, that was crazy. We’ve got to find out who it is. The story of the song made it so much more powerful. It couldn’t have gone better. It couldn’t really have? I don’t even know what to say my mouth is so dry and I’m so nervous as well.

Whoever this mystery lady is and I’m not going to push you on it, she’s going to be watching now and I’m sure she enjoyed it. Hopefully. Hopefully. Well done Well done See you around. Hello? Hello. Hello.