Graduating Into Debt - Part II

The rest of my budget is probably about a hundred a fifty dollars a month for electric, I pay.. I’m living with my boyfriend he’s allowed me to pay less rent thank god I’m only paying two hundred and fifty dollars a month for my rent.

Then I have like my phone bill is fifty dollars a month. Netflix is my one you know, nice thing I get myself and that’s eight bucks  month. But other than that I don’t really spend money on anything. It all goes to my loans. As soon as I get my check it goes to the bank and I pay my loan. Or I try to.

When I was in elementary school the teacher’s used to tell us go to a SUNY school, go to a SUNY school that state will pay half your tuition. And of course by the time I was old enough to go to college that wasn’t the case and in the middle of my college career in 2003 I believe it was, there was a nine hundred and fifty dollar tuition hike.

You know, and then what are you supposed to do? Be like, oh I can’t afford it anymore and then just stop and waste all the money that you’ve put into it already and start having to pay all your student loans without a degree or do you suck it up and you have to keep paying it knowing you’re going to be even more in debt when you graduate.

Amanda Sisenstein graduated from SUNY New Paltz in 2005 with a dual degree in Psychology and Music. She had forty-one thousand dollars in federal student loans. After a few years when she was able to pay down the interest she left a job to look for better paying work.

That’s exactly when the economy kind of whoosh, went down hill, so I’ve been working retail jobs ever since. And trying here and there to pay off student loans but I just keep coming up against the wall where I can pay off my student loans but then I can’t eat.

And when I worked at a health food store it was great because we got to eat the expired food for free and I was like oh, I don’t have to pay for a bunch of groceries so now I can pay off my student loans. Even when I was able to make payments it was only interest so I was never really able to touch the loan itself.

I’m seriously considering if you want to see my tip jar, what I want is an RV Because the only thing I can think of to pay off my student loans is to move into an RV not have to pay rent and then be able to save money to pay off my student loans. Like honestly that’s the most realistic thing I can think of to do right now.

Recent census data shows that on average, a college degree can add more than a million dollars over the course of a career. But until opportunity knocks recent graduates now saddled with debt are having a hard time now seeing how their prospects have improved.

I think the direction that I have to go is forever going  to be entwined with this monkey on my back.

I honestly now after graduating and seeing the world as it is now and all the money that I spend on almost nothing, pretty much. Stuff I could have taught myself and done myself, it was not worth it in my opinion.



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