Phrasal Verbs - Cụm Động Từ



Phrase Transcript Audio Meaning Example
let (someone) down /let daʊn/

to disappoint someone

làm ai thất vọng

I felt like I let down my parents when I failed the exam.

calm down /kɑːm daʊn/

to become more relaxed after strong emotion or excitement

bình tĩnh lại

You'd better stay away from the boss until he calms down.

cheer (someone) up /tʃɪə(r) ʌp/

to start to feel happier

to make someone/something more cheerful

(làm cho ai/cái gì) trở nên vui vẻ, phấn khởi

Cheer up - you'll do better next time!
look down on (someone) /lʊk daʊn ɒn/

to have a low opinion of someone/ something

coi thường, khinh thường (ai/cái gì)

She thinks they look down on her because she didn't go to university.
look forward to (V-ing) /lʊk ˈfɔːwəd tuː/

to feel pleased and excited about something that is going to happen

mong đợi, trông chờ điều gì đó (sắp diễn ra)

I am looking forward to seeing Jane and Peter again this autumn.
burst out /bɜːst aʊt/

to suddenly start laughing or crying

òa lên, phá lên (khóc hoặc cười )

I almost burst out laughing when I saw what she was wearing.


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Getting in University

I will never forget the day my university entrance exam results were published on the web page. It was one of the most significant turning points of my entire life. I cheered up when I heard the good news. I knew that I didn't let my parents down. I burst out crying because of feeling a mix of emotions, a sense of excitement and positive anticipation were certainly high on the list. I was so excited that it took me ages to calm down before telling my parents of the news.

My father held a small party and bought me a new iPod to congratulate me. He said that I deserved it because of my fantastic exam performance. For me, the transition to university was quite a simple one, and the only thought on my mind at that time was looking forward to exploring the city with new friends.

Concerning my lack of preparation, my mom told me constantly that packing at the last minute was not the best idea. Take care of yourself during your faraway stay from home, and remember that entering university does not mean that you are better than your friends who do not go to university, so don't look down on them”, she added. I promised her I will try my best not only to earn excellent grades at the university, but also to develop good social skills.



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A: I've heard about William's car crash. How is he doing?

B: He is still sad. I was trying to cheer him up, but efforts went nowhere. He stayed in his room all day and spoke with no one.

A: What about dad? I hope he calmed down. William just had bad luck. He will do better next time.

B: Dad said there would be no next time. He was really let down.

A: Tommy, I'm sorry. I can't come to the party tonight. I've just fallen off the ladder and my back hurts now.

B: I burst out with anger, Jenna. You'd better tell me the truth. Your daughter said that she had poured her coffee cup on your party dress.

A: Oh I’m sorry... I don't want to be looked down on...

B: Cheer up! No one looks down on you for a dress! We are all looking forward to seeing you.



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