Chuck Brown: ‘Godfather of Go-Go' Dead at 75

Chuck Brown has been called the creator of go-go -- a form of African-American music that developed in Washington. Go-go is part jazz, part rhythm and blues, and part hip-hop. It became popular in the 1970s.
CHUCK BROWN: "Back in the day when we was doing Top 40, you see, we used to stop sometimes after we'd do a song, but I got an idea of not stopping, you know. Just keep going, coming out of one song and going to another."
And so the name go-go developed. Recently, Washington's Govinda Gallery honored Chuck Brown and about thirty other local musicians. Chris Murray owns the gallery.
CHRIS MURRAY: "This exhibition, 'Bustin Loose,' is a tribute to Washington, DC, and the area's rhythm and blues tradition and soul. And Washington has an extraordinary legacy, a musical legacy that we're honoring here today with Fernando Sandoval's photographs."
Some photos show Bobby Parker, seen here with Carlos Santana. Parker influenced groups like the Beatles.
Musician Chester Chandler calls himself Memphis Gold. He also performed with famous musicians like James Brown.
MEMPHIS GOLD: "I feel like I'm in heaven. I do. I feel that I'm telling a story with the songs that I sing. I'm sending something to, for our young kids and younger people to take with them when I'm gone."
Fernando Sandoval took all the pictures when he was developing personal relationships with the musicians.
FERNANDO SANDOVAL: "I guess unconsciously I was collecting this work to bring it finally to a gallery like this so they could get the recognition they deserve and are looking for."
Singer Selena McDay attended the opening of the photo exhibit.
SELENA McDAY: "And I'm so glad Fernando did this because I've worked with almost all of these people. Bobby Parker and I have shared the stage with Chuck Brown."
MUSIC FAN: "I loved seeing Chuck Brown here when I walked in because he's a Washington staple."
MUSIC FAN: "A lot of these people, you never see the face. You always listen to the music. So it's great to put the face with the music."
Chris Murray is excited to present these artists to people around the world.
CHRIS MURRAY: "The world loves blues music. The world loves soul music. One of America's greatest exports is its music. And it's a common language we all have -- music."
As long as people come, musicians like go-go star Chuck Brown are ready to perform. I'm Faith Lapidus.

Source: VOA


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