Lesson 23 - People We Know

People We Know

Bây giờ chúng ta hãy cùng tiếp tục luyện nghe với bài tập sau nhé.

Hướng dẫn

1Bây giờ bạn hãy nghe và viết lại nội dung của bài nghe vào mục GỬI BÀI dưới đây.

2Sau khi hoàn thành bài viết bạn hãy ấn vào nút TRANSCRIPT để xem nội dung của bài nghe này.

(Bạn nên làm bài trước khi xem.)

W: Have you spoken to the new guy in our class, Pop?
M: Yes, I have.
W: What’s he like?
M: Oh, he’s really interesting. He speaks 6 languages and was the top student in his last school.
W: Oh, great.
M: No. You’ll like him. He’s really friendly and easy to talk to.

M: Do you and your boyfriend go out a lot, Jane?
W: Oh sure. He loves going out and meeting people. We go to parties all the time.
M: Sounds like a lot of fun.
W: Of course. That’s why he’s my boyfriend.

W: Look at what my friend-Mary gave me for my birthday. Isn’t it a beautiful blouse?
M: That’s really nice. And she gave me a great present for my birthday too. She loves giving things to people.
W: Yes, she does. And she doesn’t expect anything in return.

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