Lesson 16 - Apartment living


Mời các bạn theo dõi đoạn phim dưới đây nhé

1. Larry and Louise are from British. They want to rent a house

Estate agent: Well, this is a hall. There’s a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a study, a library…
Larry: Well, there’s a library, Louise!
Louise: What’s that room?
Estate agent:  That’s a bathroom, madam.
Louise: Are there any shower?
Estate agent: No, there aren’t. This is an old house, Madam. And this is the living room.
Louise: Are those paintings original?
Estate agent:  Yes, I think so, Madam.
Larry: Is there a television?
Estate agent: No, there isn’t sir. But there is a piano. And the kitchen.
Louise: There isn’t a fridge?
Estate agent:  Yes, there is. It’s over there.
Louise: You call that fridge? Is there any water? I need a glass of water.
Estate agent:  Yes, madam. There are some glasses in that cupboard. Now let’s go upstairs.

2. The three are going upstairs.

Estate agent: Let’s have a look upstairs. Follow me.
Louise: It’s very cold.
Estate agent: Yes, Madam. The house is a hundred years old. The Travers family lived here for nearly eighty hundred years. There are five bedrooms. This is Mr. Travers’ bedroom.
Larry: It’s cold in here.
Louise: Yes, very cold.
Estate agent: Don’t worry, madam. There is a central heating in the house. And this room here is the second bedroom.
Larry: Ok, well. What do you think, Louise?
Louise: I like it.
Larry:Me too. Yup, we want it.
Estate agent: Excellent. Let’s go back to my office and we can sign the contract.

3. Louise and Larry at the bar to celebrate the new house.

Larry: Good evening.
Barman: Good evening sir, madam. What would you like to drink?
Larry: Do you have champagne?
Barman: Yes, sir.
Larry: A bottle of champagne, please.
Barman: Here you are.
Louise: Cheers, Larry.
Larry: Cheers, Louise, to our new house.
Barman:  You are British, aren’t you?
Louise: Yes, that’s right. We’re from London.
Larry:My wife and I just rented a big house in the village. Tonight is our first night there.
Barman:The Travers family’s old house?
Larry: Yes.
Barman: Oh.
Larry: Is there any problem?
Barman: Didn’t they tell you?
Larry: Tell us what?
Barman: About the murder.
Barman: Yes, Mr. Travers was murdered in that house in 1938… in his bed.
Louise:  Oh, Larry. Let’s go and find another hotel.
Louise runs out of the bar. Larry calls her.
Larry: Louise… your champagne… Louise.

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