Penguins on a Trip

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Penguins on a Trip

A pair of penguins took a walk in an aquarium in Chicago. The aquarium was closed due to the coronavirus.

Caretakers at the aquarium let the penguins wander around and explore the place. Caretakers say that it is important for the penguins. It was a good chance for the animals to behave naturally, and caretakers let them do this often. The aquarium´s official said that it was an important part of animal welfare and that the animals need to feel happy.

Other animals at the aquarium make similar trips, too. Caretakers do not usually record them because there are many visitors. This time, caretakers had more time to record the penguins because the aquarium was closed.

Caretakers shared the video of the penguins on social media. Many people liked the video, and they demanded more videos with different animals. The aquarium got flooded with praise and requests to livestream penguins and other animals wandering around the facility.

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