How Aliens and Monsters ‘Invaded’ a London Bus Stop

No, this isn’t the inevitable Robot uprising. Instead, you’re looking at something that’s been part of an elaborate advertising campaign. What’s happening here is you’re mixing video from the camera on the back of this part of the bus stop with some pre-prepared special effects.
Get the perspective and the lighting right and you’ve got an ad that got 4.7 million view on YouTube in less than a week. Now for this to work properly, everything the camera sees has to line up directly with this grid. Exact measurements are important because the graphic designers need to know exactly where to put their visuals.
The installation itself though, is quite simple. Along with the camera there is a 65 inch full HD screen inside the shelter: that’s connected to a single computer running Windows 7. In fact, all the hard calculations for the scenarios have been done in advance, and that took around three months.
DAN DAWSON: We’ve taken some plate shots of Oxford Street and we’ve re-versioned that into a 3D world. All of the content that we’ve created within that space uses the environment specifically for that bus stop. If we were going to roll that out across the 1500 bus stops around the country, we’d have to go and do that exact same process with all of them. That’s where the challenge is, really.
We worked with Unilever on one of their deodorant brands to make angels appear like they were falling from the skies, landing on the station concourse around users. This is the first time augmented reality had been seen in large format.
The developers also had to make the videos work in different lighting scenarios; for example, night time or here, dusk. It’s an incredibly painstaking and elaborate process. As consumers get more savvy about brand interaction, ads are going to get more sophisticated. After all, sharing engaging and interesting videos with others is fuel for our social status-updating habit - and if the content is sponsored or not? That seems to come second to whether it’s actually any good.
On second thought, I might…uh…walk!
Source: BBC


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